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Jane's Boats
Jane's Boats runs tourist boat trips from the wharf on the southern bank of the creek at Denton Bridge near Banjul. Their website describes their services and provides contact information. Click here to view the site.
The Tourist and Travel Associations of the Gambia consortium (or TTAG) provide advice and information for visitors to The Gambia. Their portal website provides links to this information and to their member organisations. Click here.
Luigi's Complex
Luigi's is a high quality apartment and restaurant complex just off Kotu beach. Their website describes their services, with photos of the grounds and apartments, and provides contact information. Click here.
Rainbow lodge, beach bar and restaurant is located on the beach at Sanyang and provides basic accommodation at low prices for the more adventurous visitor. Click here.
Kim Kombo
They grow fruit and make liqueurs, which you can sample, at the Kim Kombo plantation and put on African music and dinner evenings. Learn more by visiting their website. Click here.
The AirportTransfer team will arrange transfers between the airport and visitors' hotels. Their website allows visitors to book and pay for their transfer before they leave their home country. Click here.
The Fatty Cooperation Company provides carpentry services from their base in Brikama. They have created their own website, which describes their company and services and provides contain information. Click here.
The AIC telecenter in Kerr Serring use our .COM registration service and our web hosting package to present their website, which describes their products and services. Click here.
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